About Us

​Ladyface Capital, LLC is the investment advisor to the Redwood Fund, LP. Originally intended as a partnership to make investments in growing public companies, the demand and popularity swelled to the point of Ladyface Capital, LLC needing to create a fund to properly finance all of its desirable investment options. Ladyface Capital, LLC can help small public companies by not only providing them with good financing options, but also by providing them with expertise in helping them become better public companies. Small public companies have a hard time finding quality institutional financing. They typically lack the in-house expertise to properly navigate the public markets. Changes in securities laws and regulations over the last 30 years have forced most quality investment banks out of the micro-cap lending arena which has left a financing vacuum making it difficult for small public companies to get sound advice, guidance and the necessary capital to grow. Recent changes brought about by Titles II and III of the JOBS Act have made it possible for small public companies to have a new voice with respect to how and where they can raise funds. As the JOBS Act gets implemented, Ladyface Capital, LLC believes that the world will see a tidal wave of investment in this area which will allow these companies to thrive. The expertise and experience that Ladyface Capital, LLC brings to the
table is measured beyond just capital; it is also measured by the assistance we bring to companies with a mutually beneficial goal of helping them succeed in this difficult environment. Being a public company is a challenge, and Ladyface Capital, LLC serves as an ally, confidant, and investor – helping deserving companies achieve their next level of success. For more information on what we do and how we do it, please visit the Redwood Fund, LP.

Lady Face Mountain - Agoura Hills, CA

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